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SCE Business Workshop/Webinar

June 14, 2023 9:09 AM | Carlos Casas (Administrator)

The Los Angeles Latino Chamber of Commerce (LALCC) and Southern California Edison (SCE) teamed up to provide a mini-crash course on “Strategies Towards Achieving Results” for small business owners and members of the LALCC. 

Shannon Castello, representing Dynamic Vision International and SCE, energetically shared and discussed important business advice and tips about back-office capabilities crucial for success. The webinar is part of an on-going series of monthly educational webinars to share vital business information and best practices for achieving and maintaining a successful business operation.  

Starting out the webinar, Ms. Castello shared and listed time-saving resources available for payroll, Customer Relationship Management or CRM, Human Resources (HR), and Payment Functions.  During her presentation, Ms. Castello provided several samples of payroll companies and software that business owners could utilize to ensure their payroll practices were adhering to the current local, state and federal laws. Acknowledging since the Pandemic, Human Resources and payroll have become more complicated and almost harder to manage for small business owners.

Addressing that the current workforce work ethic has changed a lot since the COVID-19 Pandemic, Ms. Castello advised using a payroll service or software to avoid legal issues and lawsuits. Ms. Castello noted that some of today’s employees are displaying signs that “motivation is lacking,” and cited higher rates of employee absenteeism, employees showing up late or getting a slow start to the day, employees doing the bare minimum, not contributing to projects ideas or team meetings, withdrawing from coworkers, mood and attitude swings, decreased productivity, and acting bored or not caring about their work as real issues confronting business owners. 

To deal with these types of employee issues, Ms. Castello offered numerous team building strategies such as 1) Establish employee incentives, 2) Provide leadership and growth opportunities, 3) Create a welcoming and fun workspace, 4) Give your employees continual positive feedback, 5) Support mental health, 6) Get to know your employees, 7) Have clear objectives, and 8) Pushing work-life balance.

The informative webinar also included sections on best practices on how to expand your business and scaling your business for growth. For more information or in case you missed it, the webinar was recorded and is now available on the LALCC YouTube Channel and chamber website.

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