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Verizon Small Business Digital Ready Webinar

April 29, 2023 7:06 AM | Anonymous

Verizon Small Business Digital Ready (VSBDR) provides personalized content, coaching, community and more to help move your business forward. VSBDR includes courses designed to provide essential knowledge and tools, including topics such as developing a marketing strategy, marketing with influencers, creating a content calendar, and the basics of building your business website.

The free portal also includes access to mentorship, providing small business owners with the opportunity to obtain ongoing advice and support from experienced professionals who can help them overcome business challenges. Spanish language course offerings, coaching from experts and community events are also available.

Small businesses have the opportunity to apply for a $10K grant through May 12, 2023, by taking 2 courses which will then open the portal to the grant.  You can view the webinar HERE.

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