• Wednesday , 22 November 2017


Entrepreneurial Training Program (ETP)

A comprehensive multi week training program combined with consulting services that is free (to those that qualify). The program is offered in conjunction with one of our partnering agencies and the City of Los Angeles. The program consists of seven topics both tailored to a startup business or a growing business. The topics will include:

Strategic Planning – Creating a plan for your business for the next year

Competitive Advantage
 – Separate your business from others that do what you do. Discover what sets you apart or how to set yourself apart from the competition and use this advantage in a marketing campaign.

Target Marketing – Learn to research and identify your target market. Determine how big your target audience is and an effective way to market to them.

Sales – Overcome the difficulties of selling your own products or services. Learn how to overcome obstacles and problems and not be a sales person.

Human Resources – Stay in compliance with California law learn the do’s and don’ts. Hire the right people and the people you really want. Learn good hiring practices.

Cashflow/Basic Business Records – Learn what the bottom line really is and what it means to you. Learn how to track and report accurate cash flow for your business.

Finance – Learn alternate financing options if traditional lending is not working for you. Learn to identify hidden sources of capital.