• Wednesday , 22 November 2017

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LATINA AT THE HELM                       

An Interview with Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Chief of Staff Ana Guerrero


In a city like Los Angeles, the nation’s second most populous metropolitan, there are not enough hours in a day for one person, agency or city department to get all that needs to be done completed.


This city requires top talent to help it run smoothly. Enter Ana Guerrero, Mayor Eric Garcetti’s choice to run his office as Chief of Staff.

Born in Guanajuato, Mexico, Guerrero’s pathway to city hall was anything but a bee-line.


As a community organizer with the Sonoma County Faith Based Community Organizing Project, Guerrero honed her skills as a public servant while at the same time becoming familiar with job creation and affordable housing matters.


These attributes would later serve her as she made the move to Los Angeles in the mid-1990’s to lead the United Neighborhoods Organizations (UNO) efforts helping immigrant populations become naturalized and politically active.


This drive to help underrepresented communities eventually led her to work with then Councilman Garcetti.


Today, Guerrero serves as the number two person in the City of Angels establishing a reputation for coalition-building amongst city departments, outside groups, including community based organizations, the private sector and city council offices.

“The Mayor’s office is here to help provide the residents of Los Angeles with a livable, prosperous and safe community,” said Guerrero. “My duties include working with the Mayor building consensus on issues important to the City, its residents and the business community.”


One area in which Guerrero is helping to drive business growth and job creation forward is by eliminating the gross receipts tax and reducing the business tax.   “We need to provide access to opportunity,” added Guerrero. “This includes modernizing our city and embracing technology to connect and engage Angelinos.”


Guerrero continues to aid the Mayor in his push to have city government do more, which includes bringing in new dynamic talent to City Hall, cultivating the next generation of leaders that accurately reflects and represents the City’s diverse populations.