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From the only home she’s ever known from which she never leaves, “SHE” has written 1,212 letters to no one in particular and ”HE” is her only response. “The Extraordinary Tale” is a darkly comic satire where reality and fantasy meet and two whimsical, emotionally damaged misfits fall in love during a pen-pal courtship. Fun-loving and innocent to the world but fragile and damaged by the past, they dive into sex, love, marriage and baby and when reality crashes into fantasy, things go terribly wrong.
This unusually told dark fairytale romance is a bizarre love affair between a gawky and naive young woman and a quirky young man, who attempt a normal life while stranded in abnormality somewhere between reality and fantasy.
SHE (Aïda Ballmann) lives a slow-paced, secluded life in silence, in the very peculiar house she grew up in with her mother who has since passed.
Satisfied and happy but lonely, SHE has typed out and sent 1,212 letters in 1,212 days with no reply until one day, HE (Ken Appledorn) sends one back. Soon a pen-pal courtship escalates into a date-to-meet, which terrifies the isolated SHE.
After they meet, SHE remains silent, only willing to communicate through her trusted manual typewriter; even while in the same room. SHE suffers with an obsessive compulsive disorder due to a childhood more than complicated. So does HE.
The friendship evolves and quickly sex enters the picture. Awkward at first, (but so are they), SHE refers to an illustrated manual for guidance and HE follows suit. They are clearly happiest when making joyous, abandoned love. Soon visits become more frequent until they decide to live together.
It’s a matter of time before the sun rises on sickness and HE must break the news that SHE is pregnant. Now this woman who still lives in an everlasting childhood must face the greatest challenge of all: becoming a mother.
In no time at all, the honeymoon is over as HE gets a job and is never around and SHE must raise a child with no skills learned from her reckless and inattentive mother.
Things suddenly become very bleak indeed and the silly and innocent life becomes unraveled for both. Alienated from what she is experiencing and from HE, SHE reverts back to non-communication, preferring the safe detachment of typed letters to conversation about what is going on.
Fundamentally damaged by her past, SHE decides to take matters into her own hands and turn back the hands of time, back to fairytale land and a time of innocence where normal rules don’t apply.


Aïda Ballmann … SHE
Ken Appledorn … HE
Mari Paz Sayago … Her Mother
Directed By:
Laura Alvea
Jose F. Ortuño
Written By:
Jose F. Ortuño
Produced by:

Carlos Tuñón … Producer
Sonia D. Roncero … Producer
Laura Alvea … Executive Producer
Jose F. Ortuño … Executive Producer
Habacuc Rodríguez … Executive Producer
Marichu Sanz … Development Executive

The Extraordinary Tale fue lanzada en España con gran éxito de crítica. Está dirigida por Laura Alvea y José F. Ortuño que vienen desde Sevilla y los protagonistas Aïda Ballmann de las Islas Canarias y Ken Appledorn también de Sevilla.

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Now playing through June 8th

Hit by Alice Tuan *World Premiere*

Directed by Laurel Ollstein


With collisions of cars, cultures, and lovers, this severely Los Angeles play shines its brightest light onto the darkest of shadows. When Kim and Mank meet as the result of an ill-fated collision on the freeway, a string of excess, love triangles and Zankou Chicken soon follows. It’s a psychosexual romp, originally commissioned by the Public Theater, from the playwright behind Ajax (por nobody)Last of the Suns and Coastline. Alice Tuan is a recipient of the Richard E. Sherwood Award and The Colbert Award for Excellence.


Thursday – Saturday 8pm | Sunday 3pm

General Admission $40 | Students, Seniors, Veterans, Groups 10+ $20

$10 Thursdays! (based on availability)

Use code “LATC20” to receive 20% off General Admission Fri-Sun

www.thelatc.org or call 866.811-4111 for tickets







Now playing through June 22nd

Bright Light City by Nate Rufus Edelman *World Premiere*

Directed by Angie Scott & Nate Rufus Edelman


Away from the bright lights and sanitized adult playground of the strip, the dark Las Vegas underworld lives on in Bright Light City.  A dark comedy from Nate Rufus Edelman, the new play follows a pair of hit men as they wait for their mark to arrive in a seedy hotel room. But in Sin City, all bets are off when a woman is involved. Part crime noir and part comedy, Bright Light City  takes you away from the glitz and glamour of Vegas, recalling the city’s criminal origins.


Thursday – Saturday 8pm | Sunday 3pm

General Admission $30 | Students, Seniors, Veterans, Groups 10+ $20

$10 Thursdays! (based on availability)

Use code “LATC20” to receive 20% off General Admission Fri-Sun

www.thelatc.org or call 866.811-4111 for tickets